The development of the logo and the company of the Nintendo

“Nintendo” the kanji character is “任天 ‚”, it means “leave fate to heaven.” (Brian Ashcraft) However, the “Nintendo” in kanji character was not the “Nintendo” that I want to say that. It is a company’s name and it is also the logo of the company. As we all know, Nintendo is a game company which produce game machine like “Switch” and games like “Mario”. The picture of the logo is “Nintendo” words and a circle line like a racetrack around it. ( This is a unique logo and it generate interest when people first see it. (William, Page43) Nintendo used to be a company that made card for the west game, and after few years, the company have other business, and they become to produce game machines and they get great success. The logo has changed a lot with the company’s production changes. (William, Page48)

Nintendo used to be card company and have a cooperation with Disney. At that time, Nintendo’s first logo appears on the card and the shape of the logo is Ace of Spades. After that, the Nintendo use a handwriting, cursive style logo. The logo has a big curl starting letter “N” and a star as dot on the “I”. The Nintendo’s productions of the playing card have the same logo and change little. When the Nintendo try to produce the toys for children and the logo change to the “Nippon Game” which means “Japan Game”. The logo has been using a long time. After that, the logo changes a lot like in a hexagonal shape, use a stylized “N” or use the kanji character. The final logo that was also used today is the racetrack version of the logo. The logo was known with the game “Donkey Kong”. ( With the logo changed, it is easily to see that Nintendo tries to use the logo to attract young people. (William, Page48)

The success of the Nintendo cannot leave with the marketing. There is a dangerous example of the family computer company named Atari which was failed with its marketing. In order to avoid the mistakes that Atari has, Nintendo uses some policy to protect the company. Firstly, Nintendo sales the game machine with a low price, and they increase the cost of the game. This is like the business model of Gillette knife. Then, Nintendo rely on the game like “Zelda” to helps the company migrated on the market. Finally, Licensing of third-part software initially allowed only a limited number of large game companies. Game cards must produce by the Nintendo and Nintendo could control the number of the game cards. That will avoid the dangerous of overproduction. (Tim Huse)

I think Nintendo is a great company not only the method they solve the problem but also the courage that they would like to try something new. The business policy of the Nintendo helps the company to live now and even become a culture for the FC game. The aim of the company was creating some game machine that can easily carry wherever you want to go, share your happy with others everywhere. Thanks to the Nintendo that makes our life have more fun like when we move to another place on the air, we have more choice to do, to play or to have fun.

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