Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is something that often presents a problem for students and their work. Plagiarism is the act of copying work from another source word for word. If you plagiarize, you are essentially taking credit for writing that another person has created. This is highly frowned upon. For students, it is extremely important that plagiarism is avoided at all costs. If you hand in copied essays with a low uniqueness then you will score low marks. You could even fail your assignments and have to re-write your work.

This is why a plagiarism checker is so important. You can use a free plagiarism checker to ensure your work is 100% accurate. Moreover, you can also look at where your writing is not unique and what sources are cited as copied. This can help you improve your text and make the necessary changes to improve its uniqueness. If you are struggling with creating copy-free texts, you are in luck. In the article below, we look at how you can use this awesome online plagiarism checker to take your work to the next level.

What Counts as Plagiarism?

Before we look at using a checker, you must first understand what is classed as plagiarism. Plagiarism can come in many forms – it is not as black and white as you may think. As a broad categorization, there are four bands of plagiarism – direct, self, mosaic and accidental:

Direct Plagiarism

This is the most common form of copying. Direct plagiarism is where you literally copy another text word for word. It is a direct translation of someone else’s work. You will not use quotation marks or cite any sources. Essentially, you are claiming the work as your own. This is the type of copying that is seen as the most unethical. It is blatant and should be avoided at all costs. Direct plagiarism can often result in disciplinary action and could even lead to severe punishments such as exclusion.

Self Plagiarism

Self-plagiarism is essentially where you copy or re-use your own work. Let’s say you wrote a history paper in your first year of college. In your second year, you have a similar assignment. Instead of writing the new assignment from scratch, you decide to copy and paste parts of your previous paper. This would be classed as self-plagiarism. Another form of self-plagiarism is where you submit the same essay in several different classes. This type of copying would only ever be acceptable with explicit permission from your teacher.

Mosaic Plagiarism

Also known as patch-writing, mosaic plagiarism is harder to detect and not as clear cut as direct copying. This occurs when you use phrases and text from other sources without using the appropriate citations and quotations. Furthermore, you will not use the phrases directly. You could alter the wording or change the structure somewhat. The premise is that the general structure and meaning of the sentences remains the same as the author you have plagiarized from. You are essentially using someone else’s thoughts but changing them so that they look like your own.

Accidental Plagiarism

As you would guess, accidental plagiarism occurs without prior intent. In most cases, a student may have neglected to cite their sources. They could, for example, have included a quotation in their work, but forgotten to place it in quotation marks, or create a citation for the quote. This is why it is important to always ensure any sources you do use are correctly cited and the original author is given attribution.

Importance Of Avoiding Plagiarism

Now you understand what counts as copied text, we can look at why it is important to avoid plagiarism. This act is one of the worse offenses you can commit when writing. There are three main reasons why you should avoid copying other text:

Limiting your own learning potential

One reason you may not consider is the limitations you are placing on your own learning. By copying other work, you are not taking the time to learn for yourself. When copying work, you may not actually understand what you are writing. Furthermore, you may not understand the context or reasoning. If you regularly plagiarize, you will not develop your own writing skills and understanding of the subject you are studying.

Taking credit for someone else’s work

This is obviously the main reason to avoid copying work. Someone else has put huge effort and time into creating their text. They will have researched the topic and poured their thoughts into their work. If you emulate their work, you are undermining that effort and time. You are taking credit for something someone else has completed. Moreover, you are gaining false credit that is not rightfully yours.

Credibility of plagiarized work

Emulating someone else’s work can also lead to issues with your own text. How do you know what you are copying is factually correct? Is the copied material accurate and well-researched? There is literally no guarantee that the work you are emulating is credible. You could copy a piece of text for example about World War 2 only to find out that it is factually incorrect.

Limiting your own ethical and moral development

Finally, there are moral and ethical issues with copying. It is not ethically right to copy other work. This is something that is frowned upon throughout society. If you regularly plagiarize work, your own ethical and moral standards will slip. This could lead to your ethics slipping in other areas of your life too.

How Does Our Free Plagiarism Detector Work?

The process to check for plagiarism could not be easier. We have worked hard to ensure the process is simple and straightforward. We understand that you have limited time and resources – this is why you can use our checker with percentage evaluation in a matter of minutes. To check your work, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Open your web browser and type in the website address
  2. Type or paste your essay title into the title box
  3. Paste, type or upload the main body text of your essay
  4. Check the “agree to our terms” box
  5. Click the “check for plagiarism” button

These 5 simple steps will take little to no time at all. After clicking the check button, our sophisticated tool will analyze your text. It will also search through millions of sources online and check for plagiarism. Completion times will vary depending on the length of text, and the obscurity of the essay type. On completion, you will be presented with your percentage results. A percentage figure is displayed – this represents how unique your text is. For example, if a value of 95% is displayed, this means that 5% of your text is plagiarized.

The detector will also show sources and website links to work that you have plagiarized from. You can click on the links to see more information. Additionally, you can also click the “show” link – this will highlight words in your text in red that is plagiarized. Whilst the detector is processing your request, a handy timer is shown on the right-hand side – this shows how many seconds remain until completion.

Benefits Of Online Plagiarism Checker By Tooly

You should now have a clearer understanding of what using the plagiarism checker by Tooly has. But why should you choose this particular tool? We feel we have crafted a superb checker that is easy to use, fast, and accurate. You can rest assured that our software scans millions of sources on the web – this means that you get an accurate reading of your plagiarism percentage.

The following is a breakdown of the main benefits offered by this exceptional software:

  • Uses the latest algorithms to ensure a high-quality checking process
  • Extremely fast processing times so you can concentrate on the quality of your work
  • Completely free – no charges at all – you can save your cash for other things
  • A straightforward process that is easy to use
  • A logical interface that allows you to easily see the plagiarized sources

Hopefully, this has given you more insight and convinced you of the quality of this checker. If you need further convincing, why not simply give it a try and see for yourself?

What To Do If Your Text Is Not Unique?

Despite all of the above, there is a possibility that you could use our plagiarism detector and your text is flagged as plagiarized. What do you do if this is the case? There are several options:

Use a proofreading or writing service

If you are really struggling, you can always benefit from a proofreading service such as the one we offer. Our team of skilled writers and editors can check your document for errors. Furthermore, they can also check it for plagiarism and suggest improvements to make so that your text is unique. Using a service such as this can take away the stress and strain. Moreover, it can also help you develop your skills as you will learn how to edit your document.

Edit the text and use paraphrasing

If you prefer to complete the work without help, you simply have to go through the document and find the parts that are plagiarized. Using the free online plagiarism checker for students with percentage display will actually show you sources from the web that are listed as copied. You can click on the sources and it will highlight which lines of text in your own document are stated as copied.

Once you have found the plagiarized parts, you would then have to use paraphrasing and look for alternative wording to use. This can obviously be a lengthy process but you can improve your own vocabulary too. Consider using a thesaurus to look for synonyms to use. Furthermore, think of how you can word phrases and sentences differently. You could even look at re-ordering your sentence structure. After re-working your document, you can check plagiarism free using the tool once more.

Hopefully, you should now have a greater understanding of why plagiarism should be avoided. You simply can’t copy other people’s work. It will ultimately mean you score low marks and potentially jeopardize your education. Not only is it frowned upon, but your own learning will also suffer – how will you improve your writing and knowledge is you simply copy other texts?

This is why our free online plagiarism checker with percentage score is such a vital tool. Make use of this software today and improve your academic paper and other documents!