My Attitude to Discrimination

In today society’s most of the companies over the world uses a malware to protect their information against the public, hackers or even other companies who are trying to get their information. By protecting the information from each user the companies can be protected against thieves. The companies tries to protect their information by storing their information in one file with the final purpose to keep all the information safe. The information that the companies tries to hide from the hackers is the personal social security number, date of birth, home address, or even phone number.

In the next paragraph I would like to talk about one famous malware called Trojan horse and its consequences, strength, and weakness. “The Trojan horse is a malware which result a malicious software that if gets into the computer can harm the computer software, devices, and the data. “According to the article Trojan horse “is a program that hides information in what appears to be normal” according to Malware. This article also said that is a malicious program in the computer that appears as legitimate program once was activated in the computer. This program can steal the information of your computer with the final purpose to steal personal data and be used against the owner of the computer. This malware is a program that do not transmit to other files in the computer instead this malware survive in the computer by being unnoticed.

The history of this malware is according to “The History and Description of Trojan Horse Virus” was discovered in the latest 1980s when in that time there was a growing number of people buying computers. This malware infected several computers that how the authorities know about it this malware. One of the main purpose of this malware is to steal information such as personal passwords. The people who create this malware are the hackers who want to steal data and use that information to create a fake profile or even for blackmailing the people who were steal their information. The first example of this Trojan horse virus affecting a computer is in a Windows32 files where in that time were not as harmful as today since in those days it was just starting this virus and there is no enough information to stop it. According to this article the name of this virus came from “a story from Greek mythology about the siege of Troy.” This phrase make reference the horse of troy where they build the big horse in order to get some warriors inside of the horse with the final purpose to attack the city. The big horse represent in that time the peace. The warriors who were inside of the Trojan horse have to wait until get dark in order to attack the city of Troy in order to end the war. One of the most famous Trojan virus that affected a lot of people over the world is the famous Spy Sheriff. This virus affected a lot of computers over the world it did not cause any damage to the computers software instead show a small file arguing the owner of the computers that they need to installs any type of software application that can help the computer be safe. The main problem of this virus is to get rid of the computer since if you delete the virus it is simple the virus came up later on damaging more files in the computer.

The systems that were affected by a Trojan horse virus are software who sometimes gets a picture in their computer and it is difficult to get rid of. The system of our computer will also receive false threats every 10 seconds. The false threats is like a trick in order to convince the owner of the computer to buy a program that can erase the virus of your computer. Another way that this system affect the computer is “if your try to delete the virus the more it pop-up, because this virus is made it to reinstalls by itself.” According to “How Do I Know If There Is A Trojan Horse In My System” the most you try to delete this virus the more harm you can cause to the computer in some cases there is a reasonable cause to result in a total crash of the system. Finally, this virus can pull up a blue image in the desktop background of your computer and the information that you have in the system may loss.

The Trojan horse virus exploits the internet since this virus spreads in the internet as a biological virus. This virus have the facility to travel in the internet and the facility to gain access to certain programs, and online services such as Facebook. The Trojan virus have the facility to get your personal information for the hackers and you be in a high risk of being robbed. In short, this virus have the possibility to exploits the information in the internet and can be dangerous for people who gets their confidential information to the media. Trojan horse virus affecting the society, According to “all about Trojan horse viruses” this virus in 2012 were a Trojan horse virus who was created to steal money from people’s e-bank. The way that this program work is that, a web in the internet offers people to buy cheap things or have 70% off discount. In this web you have to add your personal information and if you buy something that were the Trojan horse virus get your information. And when the e-bank complete the transaction this virus is going to collect all the information and secretly is going to change the price by making more expensive. Later on the money that the person paid is going to be transfer to a different account in order to be exchange in cash since the program was using a Yuan. A yuan is a currently money in China. This case end up with a report by the police and the people who commit this crime end up having 40,000 Yuan. Finally, in this case were involved more than 100 people who 41 were prosecuted. The amount of computer used in this case are approximately 112 computers and 456 credit cards. The amount of money that was involved in this case is about 3 Million Yuan which is still uncover. This is one main example where became one of the largest event in stealing money from online banking reported to the police in 2012. In short, we have to be aware the things we do on the internet since there are a lot of webs who offers discount but end it up steal our money thanks to malicious virus as the Trojan horse.

In order to remove this Trojan virus there is 3 simple steps to follow, according to “What is Trojan horse virus and how to remove it manually.” The first thing that we need to know is if it is a real Trojan virus since there is a lot of virus in the internet and we need to make shore is the right one. In order to know if is a Trojan virus you should know that the system always give you a DLL error. The three main steps according to this article is “Display the hidden folders from the folder options. Then restart the system in safe mode. Finally, stop the processes that are associated with Trojan virus.” In short this is one way of how to cure the computer from a Trojan horse virus, there is more ways to delete this virus from the computer but I find this one the safes and the easy one. This virus is still around since a lot of people uses their computer and phones in order to visit some dark website or a malicious page and in those places is where the computer got infected the virus. According to “Windows Defender Security Intelligence.”

This virus have a copycat in Android according to “Say hello to Dvmap: The first Android malware with code injection” which created a powerful Android Trojan virus which is characterized as a game and was distributed to Google Play Store, but this virus was fortunately recent removed. According to this article “this virus was downloaded from Google Play Store at least 50,000 times per people using an Android.” The name of the virus was Dvmap and was distributed throughout a game called Retgumhoap Kanumep which was an addicted game since was like a puzzle. When the authorities know about this virus they replaced this game with another who was almost the same but was safe.

According to “Couple Who Created ‘Trojan Horse’ Virus Sentenced to Jail.” “Ruth and Michael Haefrati were sentenced to four and two years’ imprisonment,” since they used this program to espionage to other people. This sentence took place in Israel. These two people also were forced to pay 1 million to each person who were stole their information. In this case the main person who led the espionage to other people was the lady since her husband just play a second role. This case took place in 2005 and they served all the years in jail. Today, is 2018 and those two people are free. Both of them living another life but separated since they fought each other in order to get least amount of years in jail.

What I learn about this project is the way of how many people can steal information easily and used for perpetrate crimes against. The money that is involved a cyber-attack since there is a lot money that that the hackers stole. I also learned how to cure a computer when is injected with a Trojan horse virus since I have an Apple computer and I noticed that sometimes my computer turn off suddenly and now I think this computer have some type of virus. I don’t know which type of virus but now I’m 99% that must have one since my computer is 2 years old and I used to buy things for internet and my little sister uses to play online. Playing online is one way of get a virus. in short, this project was useful since we never know when we can be hacked since there is a lot of people outside who want to harm others. I used this malware since I did not much about computers. I came from Ecuador where is rare to have a computer at home and if you have a computer at home is without internet. I grew up without a computer, the only way to use a computer in Ecuador is at school or going to a store in order to rent a computer for 1 or 2 hours. I choose this malware since I saw the movie Troy who is performed by Brad Pitt. When I just saw the name Trojan I decided this one since for the name is related to the movie.

Before I start this project the only malware that I knew was the Adware which I know because my computer got infected this malware a year ago. I disagree with the legal process of Cyber Crime since I know that is hard to find the person who commit the cyber-crime but when they find it the person they just served a few years as an example. The case that I just talk in my paper the two people from Israel who create the Trojan horse virus. These people stole a lot of money but they served only for 4 and 2 years in a jail. I think this people who commit this type of crime should be punished more since they are stolen and doing a crime against the public. To find the person who commit the cyber-crime is difficult since they can perpetuate the cyber-crime from another country or even continent. I also know that most cyber-crimes are not reported since the people who get infected they don’t know where to report to the police or the internet. I think also why the authorities do not act harmful is because is difficult to find information or gathered real evidence that can be used in court. In short, the authorities should work together in order punish more the people who commit a crime online. They should cooperate each other in order to find the person who commit the cyber-crime.

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