American Sport – Baseball

Baseball is an American sport that is known and played throughout the world today. Baseball was thought to be created by someone named Abner Doubleday in Cooperstown, New York. The sport of baseball does not really have only one person that created it many people have changed it as it came along to help make it the way it is today. In 1907, a commission was created to look at baseball and a man named Alexander Joy Cartwright came and completely changed baseball. He came in and made new rules like a new diamond-shaped infield, the foul lines, the three-strike rule, and made it safer by removing outs by hitting a player with the ball.

These are only a few of the changes that he made to baseball that completely changed the sport and made it better and more organized. Baseball has two direct ancestors that are English sports or games that the colonists brought over when they came to America. One of these is cricket which is also a well- known sport and the other is a children’s game called rounders. In this experiment I am going to see what the force of a baseball is going at different speeds. I think the speed of the baseball is going to be higher with higher speed.

The composition of the baseball has led to many differences in bats. It also changed how the baseball flies, how the ball is pitched, and the way the ball is held. The first baseballs were made of old rubber and old parts of shoes. The first baseball design was made with the outside laces that crossed, and the ball was the same color. The core was made of rubber wrapped in yarn and had a leather cover over it. The first baseballs were seen with the laces in a figure-eight which was thought to be the best design of the baseball. The baseball everyone knows and thinks of today was created by A.G. Spalding. He made his own baseballs to practice with and suggested that the MLB used his design of the baseball.

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